Our Work


Successful branding means consistency must be achieved across all marketing elements. The company message and services must be aligned with a strong media mix. Our portfolio runs the gamut from business-to-business (B2B) marketing for oil & gas and technology companies, to business-to-consumer (B2C) companies in the furniture and finance industries. We appreciate creativity and know how to make it work strategically.

  • Abercrombie

    A new logo and brand identity was developed for Abercrombie & Associates, a CPA firm.

  • ARI

    A multi-section e-newsletter was designed to help Advanced Resources International advertise their services and announce company news to prospects on a quarterly basis. The newsletter won an American Marketing Association Crystal Award.

  • Asian Chamber of Commerce

    A new logo and brand identity was created for the Houston Asian Chamber of Commerce after reaching their 25th Anniversary.

  • Asian Chamber of Commerce

    New banner stands and signage were part of the Asian Chamber of Commerce rebranding effort following their 25th Anniversary.

  • Blackrock Petroleum

    Blackrock Petroleum is a new company that needed their first website to announce their presence with a strong, unique look.  www.brpetroleum.com

  • Core Lab

    A series of ads were created to promote the data and services of Core Laboratories. The ads ran in several oil & gas publications such as World Oil and Journal of Petroleum Technology.

  • Core Laboratories

    This is a 80+ page catalog containing valuable geologic data and reports from the past 30 years to help Core Laboratories house the information in one place, thereby making it easier for their engineers and sales team to sell the reports to large oil & gas companies.

  • Chateau Pools

    A visually stimulating, image-based website was created for the start-up company Chateau Pools.

  • Criterion

    We’ve helped Criterion Catalysts put a fun and clever spin on oil & gas with multiple advertising campaigns to promote their position as leader in the industry. The ads ran in niche event publications as well as global oil & gas trade publications.

  • East End Chamber

    The Houston East End Chamber needed a new logo with a more modern, corporate look.

  • Environmental Operational Solutions

    EOSolutions was a new company that needed full branding starting with a clever logo designed from scratch.

  • Environmental Operational Solutions

    We performed a full branding exercise for EOSolutions that culminated in a fresh, modern website as their main marketing piece.  www.eosolutions.net

  • FedEx Kinkos

    Online banner ads of all sizes were implemented for local FedEx Kinko’s promotions around the country.

  • Hair Voyager

    Hair Voyager is an e-commerce hair extension website that was redesigned with a fun, modern theme to enforce the brand and tell a story.  www.hairvoyager.com

  • Health First

    Banner stands were part of a large branding campaign for Health First.

  • Hoffman

    Outdoor banners, indoor posters and 3-D wall graphics were created as part of a restoration plan for Hoffman Middle School in the Aldine School District.

  • IPS

    This 10’x10’ booth is an exciting marketing tool that shows off the branding consistency for Integrated Production Services.

  • IPS

    Print marketing is a big part of the selling process for Integrated Production Services. Multiple four and eight-page brochures and trifolds were designed for the sales team.

  • Mobil Oil

    Animated online banners were part of a larger integrated marketing campaign to introduce Mobil One’s new jugs and packaging.

  • Paradigm SES

    We updated the Paradigm SES website to give it a fast-paced, hi-tech feel that reflects its software technology services.  www.paradigmses.com

  • Shell

    A unique die-cut pocket folder was designed along with several product sheets to give the Shell Energy sales team a unified and consistent look and message across North America.

  • Shell

    Several e-newsletter and email templates were developed for different divisions of Shell to communicate to their customers as well as employees.

  • Stage 3 Separation

    A 12-page brochure with a back pocket for sales sheets was designed for Stage 3 to serve as the company overview piece.

  • Star Furniture

    An email template and monthly coupon program was created to improve local sales activity for Star Furniture.

  • Teledyne

    Curved pockets and background images give an artistic look to this pocket folder for Teledyne.

  • Tristar

    This pocket folder was one piece of a marketing campaign for Tristar Freight to re-energize the logo and brand.

  • Viking Petroleum

    Viking Petroleum needed a fresh, new logo that more accurately resembled their name.

  • Wellhead Water Solutions

    rint collateral was an important part of a full rebranding effort for Wellhead Water Solutions. Their sales kit included a trifold pocket folder along with several data sheets.